Tigist Solomon

Meet Tigist.TigistS1

Tigist is gentle, happy five year old looking forward to starting Kindergarten in September. She needs your support.

Tigist Solomon lives in the foothills of Addis Ababa, in a slum area called Farensay. She is an only child, who lives with her single mother, Freyhiwot. The pair live with Freyhiwot's mother in a 'kebele' house (a house donated to the poorest of the poor by the government). The house they live in however, is very dilapidated and is a very unhealthy environment for Tigist to spend time.

TigistS2Tigist is most looking forward to making friends and reading books when she starts KG this September.

A quality education is the most powerful tool that will equip Tigist to change her and her mother's future.

We would love you to join with us in changing lives.