Arsema Endale

Meet ArsemaArsemaE1

Arsema is five years old and has the most beautiful smile. She was beaming excitedly on induction day and cannot wait to start KG in September.


Arsema Endale is an only child, and is very close to her single mother, who washes clothes for a living.

Arsema lives in a small room in the foothills of Addis Ababa, in a slum area called Farensay.

Arsema's mother earns a couple of hundred birr per week ($10-20) which she uses to pay rent and buy plain foods for her and her daughter to eat.

ArsemaE2She is truly grateful that her daughter is not only going to be receiving a quality education at the School of St Yared, but also warm, nutritious meals every day.

Arsema could not stop grinning on induction day and cannot wait to have 22 new friends in her Kindergarten class in September.


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